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Saucisse Curry! |

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Saucisse Curry!

Vernissage Graffiti Exhibition

Berlin! Save The Date! 09.05 – 01.06.2014 Saucisse Curry – A Vernissage Graffiti Exhibition at Urban Spree Gallery! A Must Go Event.. if you are in town. Artists are Horfee, Bruce, Mina, 2SHY, ILK, Yeemd, Keno, SEXY and THORFINE. It has always seemed to be that Graffiti has appeared to receive more recognition and appreciation by the urban population, while the point of view towards Graffiti has greatly evolved in recent years. Also while galleries have opened their doors for illustration-, comic- and common street art for some time now, Graffiti and its prolific writing style still haven’t found a place in closed gallery rooms yet.

As a result, many Graffiti artists have given birth to other means and developed other skills to gain exposure and represent graffiti as art. They transfer their paintings more frequently from wall to canvas.

For the artists it’s another process: they don’t have the stress to work illegal anymore. The work is another procedure and following an add-on to their practice. As a gallery, focused on Street art, Urban Spree supports this evolution of contemporary art and will present an exhibition with about French Graffiti scene to the public of Berlin.

The exhibition Saucisse Curry will showcase 8 artists, including HorfeeKenoIlkYeemd, all of have left their creative marks in Paris. Moreover the photographer Thorfine will present his works, which captured the actions of many Graffiti artists. Saucisse Curry, the French translation for the typical cliché of Berlin Junk-food ‘Currywurst’ is the exhibit title with which the group will show their works for the first time in the German capital. As part of the presentation of the exhibition, the wall of Urban Spree (7m height / 12m width) will be painted by the artists. They will also build and paint a special mobile DJ-desk-installation for the set of DJ Pone. In the gallery itself the artists’ canvas will be exhibited retrospectively

.Opening | 09. May 2014 | 19:00 | free entrance
| 09. May – 01. June 2014 | Tuesday – Sunday | 12:00 – 19:00 | free entrance


HORFEE horfee.tumblr.com

Horfee is one of the leading graffiti writers in the world. In the past 12 years he has traveled the world extensively, leaving his own unique trace in graffiti wherever he goes. But it is in Paris, his hometown, where he has left his indelible mark; it is difficult to find a district in the city that isn’t covered by his name. As he was a recent graduate from art school, he had already begun to interest the art world, drawing the illustrative elements of his graffiti from the walls to canvases.

BRUCE www.facebook.com/Bruceontherocks

Bruce is a French artist who was born in 1977. He belongs to the second generation of graffiti artists. In 1993 he started tagging and in 1995 he began painting trains and subway. He is known for the originality of his style which is simple and powerful. Now Bruce is doing amazing artworks with acrylics on canvas. His tag still represents the essential part of his colorful and expressive compositions. In his studio in Berlin he works as a freelance artist.

MINA gwendolynjanssen.com

Mina was born in Munich in 1986. Very early she discovered the pencil as her best friend and became addicted to drawing. She masters a huge range of different styles and materials, particularly acrylics and oil paint on canvas and spray cans on walls. Throughout her artworks she creates an extraordinary and unique universe. People love the incredibly funny characters that often reappear in her graffiti writings. Mina has had the opportunity to live and find inspiration in various cities: Munich, Hamburg, Paris, Dakar and now she lives in the colorful German capital Berlin. There she works as a freelance artist, illustrator and graphic designer.

2SHY 2shywashere.com

Thanks to studies in Calligraphy and the new connections made by travelling, 2shy embodies both graffiti and graphic design worlds. 2shy observes art and ideas from all over the world. He currently lives in Paris , after leaving his Paris ten years ago to discover Belgian. Being back in Paris, he’s taking advantage of all opportunities to further develop his childlike, unruly style. His current complex yet fascinating “bipolar identity” is enriched by the numerous trips in Europe, the USA, Asia, South America, and last but not least, “on the Web 2.0 –the second home for his brain” as he explained.

ILK ilkflottante.com

Ilk is an artist and graphic designer from Paris. His medium of choice is unbounded, ranging from photography to painting to illustration and typography. The artist often mentions that he is born on a dark playground of Paris’s suburb – district 93. Other then painting, drawing and traveling, he also loves design and typography and graffiti. His graffiti was inspired by the 70’s graffiti of Blade, Cliff 159 and Iz the Wiz. Illustrators such as Giger, Vincent Locke, Mark Riddick and Moebius also inspired his work a lot.

YEEMD yeemd.blogspot.de

Born in East Paris in 1973, YEEMD began using walls, subways and catacombs as his canvases dating back to 1986. His travels have led him to continue painting around the world. Being self-taught, YEEMD was driven by his creativity and the strong desire to paint. He developed his style, according to his own vision of painting. YEEMD made his first painting on canvas in the early 90’s. His canvas works is as an extension of his practice by no means the sole product of his creativity. It is a medium to show another facet of his work, and to reach another public. Nevertheless, YEEMD doesn’t lose sight of graffiti, which remain a symbol of liberty and free expression.

KENO @Facebook

As a Kid of the 13th district in Paris, Keno was more of an explorer than a good pupil. Attracted to art like an adventurer, he started his first tags at the age of 14. His encounters with different artists helped evolve his perception and style. He became street active and a purist in the graffiti discipline very quickly. Keno paints with a revolted and rebellious approach. He leaves his trace in all the forbidden places and playground a city can hide. In 2009 Keno has created a graffiti team PAL (Peace And Love) together with Tomek, Cony, Mosa, Esso, Horfee, Saeyo… The team has redefined a new graffiti style, which has been spread around the world.

SEXY marcheoucreve.com

Born in Meaux in 1979, SEXY lives and works in Marseille. “Graffiti is what you do, not what you say…” are the words SEXY live by. Since 1996, SEXY has lived an explorative life, constantly looking for something new. From Paris to Moscow, Beijing to Ulan Bator, Marseille to Almaty, his adventure carries on…

THORFINE thorfine.com

Born in Paris in 1987, Thorfine studied photography in the renowned ‘Oxford Polytechnologic Major School Of Street Photography’ after he graduated from Rio de Janeiro High school. Five years ago, he decided to leave his brief career working in a factory. Today Thorfine lives his life in his travels, love and photography. Through his various projects, he   documents different visions of life and ways of living in this beautiful world.

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